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Dreams about the future are always filled with gadgets. This quote by Neil deGrasse Tyson emphasizes that style and glamour can never go out of mind for girls. Even though women are not considered as tech-savy as men, but in today’s era women are not far behind. These days women show a lot of interests in gadgets. Gadgets used for listening to music, or for home appliances, or for exercises are of immense importance. Here is a list of five gadgets which can be the best gifts for all the ladies in your life-

  1. Happy Plugs Earpiece Wireless:Related image

    This is a beautiful combination of jewelry and function.  This has been intricately designed with clean lines, refined metal looks and a distinctive silhouette combined with a beautiful balanced sound experience. One of the most refined accessory till date, this will definitely turn a lot of heads. This is a multi-purpose device used for calling and music and when not in use, it can easily be used as a jewelry and can be tied around the neck.

    2. Stiletto Charms :

    Image result for stiletto charms

    Keeping in mind the safety of women, Stiletto Charms were introduced. These can complement virtually any outfit but secretly manage a variety of functionalities. An emergency profile can be set up, emergency contacts and the device’s battery levels can be checked using the Stiletto mobile app. Besides contacting friends and family members, These devices even have a voice-assisted alert system to communicate when the user might not be able to speak. They could save you from being assaulted.

    3. HP Sprocket Photo Printer :

    Image result for hp sprocket photo printer

    Who would have thought of a pocket printer! But as rightly said necessity is the mother of invention, so pocket printers have especially been designed to suit our needs. This average five inch smartphone can print photos wirelessly from your phone. This device is extremely useful for women because there is no point for keeping all the photos in the phone when you can actually have a hard copy easily!

    4. QBracelet :

    Image result for qbracelet review

    This ordinary looking bangle, QBracelet can give an iPhone a fifty percent charge.The band splits in the middle, with a hinge on one side and a choice of a microUSB plug or Apple Lightning connector on the other.  Its simple design compliments any look, and it comes in matte black, matte silver, polished gold, and polished silver. It is 8mm thick and weights up to 1.6 oonce.

    5. Raden A22 Carry-

    Image result for raden a22 carry review

    The Raden A22 is more than a suitcase, it has a proximity sensor, is waterproof and can charge a phone four times over. This has a set of USB ports on the back, directly behind the telescoping handle. They’re connected to a 7,800mAh battery, which frequently came in handy at airport gates for charging gadgets. That battery is connected to a processor and Bluetooth module inside the bag, which in turn is connected to an iOS app.

    So gift all the ladies in your life with these cool and affordable gadgets which not only ensures their safety but would also make her happy.


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