5 steps to increase your CGPA

Things you can do to increase your CGPA

Hello, KIITians I hope a lot of you are back from your long, warm and a cozy winter vacation. As the new semester starts and you guys must be thinking what special things you could do to score well in this semester, then we are going to give some tips to score better C.G.P.A. Though they don’t matter a lot but they are certainly important for students who are looking for higher studies or for clearing cut-off’s during campus recruitment. So without wasting much time, let’s start busting the facts.

Things you can do to increase your CGPA

Be Regular in Class

This is certainly one of the key things that you should follow in order to get a good score. Since the syllabus is autonomous and the papers are set by the faculties of the respective departments, it’s very obvious that there won’t be anything in the paper other than what the teachers have taught in the class. 50% of your concepts would be covered if you attend the classes regularly.

Things you can do to increase your CGPA

Make proper notes

As mentioned above, regularly attending classes would boost your score. But, in order to remember and retain everything during the time of examination, you must make a note of what the teacher has taught in the class. Making notes would help you to remember and understand things and you won’t feel completely blank while studying for the exams. Try to have separate notes for individual subjects to avoid confusion at the time of revision.

Things you can do to increase your CGPA

Have a good conduct with your faculties – Maintaining a good conduct with all your faculties is also very essential as a grudge against them may lead to deduction of unnecessary marks in exams.

Note: Not all faculties are the same. You should always give respect to your teachers which will definitely help you to land in their good books. Not to mention the internal marks which are completely in their hand.

Things you can do to increase your CGPA

Revise daily what has been taught

All the above mention points would fail if you will not revise what has been taught on the day itself. This will help you develop better understanding of the topic and will even help you to gain a proper insight of the upcoming topics.

Things you can do to increase your CGPA

Never take your doubts to your hostel/home  

 A lot of students for the sake embarrassment never ask their doubts which leads to incomplete knowledge and hence an improper understanding. Clear all your doubts in the class or by directly meeting the faculty concerned or any other faculty associated with the subjects. You should never hesitate in asking your queries as it is leading you to a brighter future.

So that’s it for the article. Start following these tips and you would definitely start observing the change in yourself and your grade points as well. Remember the grades you get will not define your future but is essential for your self-development. Thanks for reading.

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