Things like…

1. Common Sense

Ironically, common sense is something that isn’t all that common, after all. Every day we go through dozens of insufferable people that could totally go for a big cup of common sense fortified with a spoonful of basic logic. Yeah, if common sense was a common commodity, it’d surely beat photo frames to become the new go-to gift option for birthdays, anniversaries and retirements.

2. Talent

Granted, talent is pointless unless it’s acquired through days upon months of hard work and focus. But, what’s the harm in imagining a supermarket section dedicated to limited-duration talent-packs? ‘Be a guitar lord for one night’, ‘Juggle 5 balls for an hour’, ‘Rock 8 ball pool for one session.’ Sounds cool, dunnit?

3. Patience

The idea of living fast is well endorsed and widely accepted. And you know the core concept of living in that lane, right? ‘Instant gratification.’ Unfortunately, if we live by that philosophy, we’ll likely never accomplish the things that really matter – dreams, success, and a legacy to remember us by. These things can only be accomplished with the help of one key factor, among others – the antithesis of YOLO; Patience.

4. Freedom

There are simply way too many people and factors trying to take away our freedom from us in some way or another. Without making this point too political, let’s just say, that even in a ‘free world’, if freedom was available by the gram, it’ll probably cost more than gold. We’d still happily buy it, though.

5. Perseverance

More or less, the other side of the same coin as patience. If you’re shooting for the moon, one’s pretty incomplete without the other.

6. Health

If only there was an entire aisle dedicated to health, right? Products like “Nerve damage repair seeds” “Cardiac cola”, “Insta bone-repair mix” and so on. Yeah, that would totally allow us to eat, drink, smoke and pop anything, and as much of it, as we wanted without a worry. The first thing I’d do is eat a bucket full of bacon.

7. True Friends

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Pretty self-explanatory, this one (:

So next time shop all these for free ….. HAPPY SHOPPING 🙂