After MTECH or MBA : Which is more preferable??

mtech or mba after btech

Now a days a trend is going on, which starts from the day a child is born.Its just like parents decide what they want their children to be and this situation has increased the number of B Tech graduates as every second house wants to have a technical kid .But the problem starts from the day a child enters to an engineering college.He finds himself in a crowd where everyone is doing same thing and he has to compete for every second in his life.

After competing for 4 technical years of his life the real time arrives in the form of placements.Getting placement starts a new high level phase of their life where they find themselves again competing to be the best.In this scenario of becoming the best arises the condition for  being a post graduate. Some wants to get a post graduation to earn more while some wants to learn more.

In this game of learning and earning and again deciding what to do next comes the two most awaited post graduation degrees MBA and M Tech.

While both career options are stable and rewarding, current trends indicate that students prefer MBA over M Tech.

But the matter of question is why MBA or why M Tech!!!!

Why to prefer MBA over M tech OR M tech over MBA?

Let’s see further and try to find out this whys??

It is not like that B Tech graduates can only opt MBA or M Tech as their higher education but its the trend.For several B Tech graduates planning to pursue higher education , it is primarily a choice between Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Technology (M Tech) programs. While both qualifications offer good placements and a stable career, the decision should be a well-calculated one.

While an MBA prepares you for generalist roles and opens your avenues in non-technical industries, an M Tech qualification offers you plus jobs and a freedom to take your love for technology to the next level.
“End-goals play an important role when students decide on their postgraduate qualification . An M Tech degree offers opportunities in the academic, research & development and technical fields.

On the other hand, an MBA opens up avenues in banking, finance, consultancy and other roles, which may not be technically driven.”While both these career options are stable and rewarding, current trends indicate that students prefer MBA over M Tech to start earning more at early age. Besides opening various employment avenues across industries, an MBA degree gives students a chance to build a promising foundation for their career.

The difficulty level and rigor associated with an M Tech degree also adds to the popularity of MBA in the student community.”This is a worrying trend,” says Shekhar Sanyal, director and country head, Institution of Engineering and Technology. He goes on to add, “MBA is more popular, but we need more M Techs in the country. But actually the scene is not what it seems to be.MBA degree seems to be easy but it is not.It needs a lot of skills and brain to be a MBA graduate.

.Contrary to popular belief, M Tech graduates are in high demand and much sought-after by technical industries, not just in India but worldwide . There is a dearth of talent in research and development industry in the government and private sector. It is a fallacy that the government sector doesn’t pay a lot. If you are good and technically sound, M Tech can open up various opportunities for you.” M Tech leads to extremely lucrative and well-settled careers.

To decide a career after B tech as MBA or M tech one thing should be very clear in mind that is the perspective, the way of looking towards it. If you are very good in technical and technologies are attractive to you take M Tech as your post graduation option and if your mind goes in way of management then MBA is good for you.In my opinion it’s not only for B Tech graduates, its for everyone that don’t just choose a post graduation option as you are not able to be successful with your under graduation course or you are bored of it.Only go for it if you really feel like doing it.   



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