Campus Placement : Strategies and Plan of Action


Campus Placement Strategies and Plan of Action

Hello, KIITians. Today we are going to talk about the most alleged topic among the students. No, it’s not about couples or about the faculties. It is about campus recruitment/placements. Students after entering into the third year, give this topic a permanent place in their mind. This thing brings a lot of fear, agony and at the same time brings laurels and happiness to a lot of students. But, with proper strategy and management, this gruesome thing could be easily repelled and you can have a bright future ahead.

How to Start??

Before making a full proof plan on how to conquer campus placements, we find ourselves in a lot of dilemmas. How to make a plan that is accurate as well as effective? How much time should I allocate for my preparation? How to maintain a balance between course curriculum and campus placements? How to keep me motivated? Will I be able to make it? These are some question that everyone asks themselves. Some find the answer and for others, they remain unanswered and turn into a nightmare. But don’t worry. We will try to show you the path of success and we bet you wont regret.

Make a Routine.

Without a road map, you cannot trace your destination. A routine is similar to a map of your life. The national highways would be your long-term goals and state highways would be your short term. Make a routine which should have a balanced mix of studies, entertainment, sports/fitness and leisure. Follow that routine religiously and you would be one step closer to your destination.


Solve Aptitude(Quantitative, Verbal, Logical)

This practice should be definitely in your routine. Solving aptitude not only helps you in clearing most of the written campus recruitment exams but it also helps you in increasing the functional capacity of your brain. The more you solve the stronger will be your mind. Don’t do it for the sake of doing. Once you are into it, I bet it would be a joy ride.


Update yourself on the current scenario.

It is very important that we are equipped with all the arsenal that the companies demand.

We need to upgrade ourselves with the change in technology, otherwise, we won’t be able to survive in this fast-paced world. As they say” You cannot fight guns with knifes”


Soft skills.

Your skills are of no use if you cannot communicate it with your clients or peers. Soft skills essentially mean our oral and written skills. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to have a British accent or a plethora of words to throw on people. It means you are fluent and spontaneous. You should easily communicate with anyone in a pleasant and understandable manner.

Believe in yourself

All the above points can only help you if you believe in yourself. You should be focused on your aim. If you have prepared valiantly then the fear in you would vanish and nobody can stop you from achieving the pinnacle.


So that’s all guys. Create your own  campus placement strategies and All the best for placements. Have faith in yourself and never say never.

A Creative writing by  @Utkarsh_Bhardwaj

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