Exercise OR Sleep: which is more important?


Two main things to lead a healthy life is sleep and exercise. All you need is sometimes to know which is better and more important. A good quality sleep and regular exercise offcourse with eating right food keep our body functioning at its best. to be more precise, they feed off each-other, which means that regular skimping on one favours the other. When it comes to your health, there are few absolutes. But that’s not the case with sleep and exercise. You need both.

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Study shows that if you are getting less than seven hours of sleep, it could certainly lead you to shorten your workouts. Running low on sleep will motivate you less to run with your sneakers and even make you feel more fatigue and exertion.

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So does this mean that sleeping is more important than exercising? no not really. It is said that once you start skipping your workouts, your sleep is more likely to suffer. As for now, it is a well said fact that regular exercise at the day time helps in a better and sound sleep at night.

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  • For overall physical and emotional health, sleep plays a major role.
  • Helps in proper brain functioning
  • reduces risk of chronic diseases
  • promotes mental well-being
  • boosts immune system

Lack of sleep is associated with increase in hunger and appetite, which links to lack of  sleep which increases risk of obesity.

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Even sometimes it’s normal to occasionally exercise when we are a little tired or do not do exercise and give importance to sleep when we are very tired, but it’s never a great idea to make it a habit. Instead, list down and look at your habits and schedule wisely as to where you can make some healthy changes. It would not be a surprise if sleep deprived and fatigue will affects one’s exercise performance. In addition improving the time table of your sleep could improve your exercise timing and efficiency.

If you are still deciding between what to do whether work out or get enough sleep, you are doing it wrong. Make sure you fit in time for both good rest and exercise. Try to get up 30 minutes earlier for a couple of times in a week to work out  to slowly ease into the habit. And once you are up and laced up your sneakers, start with a perfect morning workout, quiet home workout, or any of easy-to-practice bodyweight routine to kickstart your new routine.

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Do always remember that if you are in such situation that is making it impossible to have adequate sleep, then you should probably cut yourself from your exercise and take a break. If You are able to slip in a nap and even can do a short workout for a few days a week, great, go for it. But if you are doing your best but still getting only a few hours of sleep most nights, then please don’t sweat too much. When you are able to get yourself in a regular schedule, your sneakers will still be waiting for you.

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So all you sleep lovers don’t be so happy that you can sleep. Yes it is more important but along with it exercise is important as well. So maintain a regular balance between them and enjoy your life.

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