Bizarre Facts That Prove the Joker Is the Best Super villain Of All Time

Facts That Prove the Joker Is the Best Super villain

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He was almost killed off nearly 80 years ago.

The world’s most iconic clown villain was almost lost forever. That’s right, The Joker was meant to be killed at the end of his first run-in with the Dark Knight. Luckily, the editor saw potential in The Joker’s character and ordered that additional frames be added to depict the clown coming back to life.

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He knows Batman is Bruce Wayne, but he doesn’t care.

While not explicitly stated in the comic books it has been hinted at for years that The Joker actually knows that Batman is Bruce Wayne. For example, The Joker has a habit of targeting anyone close to Batman as well as anyone close to Bruce. He’s even cut off Alfred’s (Bruce Wayne’s butler) hand once!


He had a midget sidekick called Gaggy.

In Batman , Gagsworth A. Gagsworthy (Gaggy for short) made his debut as The Joker’s original sidekick long before Harley Quinn was ever conceived. Before he met The Joker, Gaggy was part of the circus and was eventually forced to become a clown after the crowd grew tired of his tightrope act.

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He was voiced by Luke Skywalker — for 20 years.

Not everyone is aware of Mark Hamill’s illustrious voice acting career (seriously, he does a LOT), but he officially holds the crown as the longest running Joker in the character’s history. Beginning with “Batman: The Animated Series,” Hamill brought new life to the character with his deep, raspy and slightly psychotic voice. He recently hung up the clown shoes though, announcing that the video game “Batman: Arkham Asylum” would be his last stand as the clown prince.

He was supposed to cameo in “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Surprised? We aren’t. After the late Heath Ledger gave such an inspired performance as The Joker in “The Dark Knight,” it would be difficult for Christopher Nolan to not include Ledger in the sequel. Of course, the actor tragically passed away before such an appearance could take place.

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