The taskbar was given plenty of attention while Microsoft was developing the Windows 10 operating systems but it is not unscathed. It does have new functionalities that make it very user-friendly but it is accompanied by certain errors.

The Taskbar in this new Operating System was given an aesthetic and functional makeover when Windows 10 was first launched in 2015. The biggest change is the addition of a search bar. This facilitates interaction with Siri-like personal assistant Cortana.

To the immediate right of the search bar is the Task View icon which is a new introduction. This powerful new piece of functionality allows you to see all the windows you currently have open at a glance, as well as offering an easy way of creating virtual desktops which allow you to have two separate desktops separating your work life from your personal life.

Sometimes, users tenWindows-10-logod to face intermittent issues with Windows System UI components in Windows 10. Such issues can give a bad user experience and lower the demand for the product but are not impossible to get rid of. It is entirely possible that you are also facing any issues where your Windows 10 Taskbar not working properly or freezes. It might even be unresponsive or stops working randomly.

This article will list down ways in which we will list down ways in which you can solve an array of problems related to the Taskbar like Unclickable Taskbar in Windows 10 and Windows 10 Frozen Taskbar Problem.

If you have faced any issues with the Taskbar, these are the ways to fix The Taskbar not working problem in Windows 10.


Fix 1. Restart Windows Explorer to Fix Taskbar Not Working after Windows 10 Update


Before we get to solutions that may require us to mess with the system like Command Prompt and PowerShell, we must try all the simple solutions. If your taskbar problem is not very serious, a simple restart of the Windows Explorer will restore any or all functionality of taskbar and other user interface features. This will fix start menu and taskbar not working problem. If you follow the steps given below, and the solution might work just fine.

Step 1: Press ctrl + alt + DEL and choose Task Manager from the list that appears.

Step 2: Under Windows Processes, go to Windows Explorer.

Step 3: Right click and it End Process.

The task will re-launch itself in some time to check if everything is okay with your taskbar. Though this solution may provide a solution for the complaint of ‘taskbar does not work on Windows 10’, there is still a need for permanent solutions which follow.


Fix 2: Check for bad explorer add-ons

Boot your Windows 10 computer in Clean and Boot State. Now, try to locate the offender by trial and error method. It may be possible that some File Explorer addon is interfering with the functioning of explorer.exe. If you can identify if, disable or remove that addon and check if the taskbar works.

Fix 3. Repopulate the Taskbar via Command Prompt


It may be possible that your Taskbar is missing its icons and the tray at the bottom right is missing functionality. You can use the command prompt interface to remedy your issue. It may sound intimidating but it really isn’t.

First, use Windows key + X. This opens the Quick Link menu. From here, you can launch a Command Prompt with administrator credentials. This is required to open the Disk Image Servicing and Management (DISM) tool that we’ll be putting into action to make this fix.

Use the following code in the resulting prompt. This should provide a fix to Windows 10 taskbar not working problem and you should find that your Taskbar returns to its normal state:


DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

Fix 3. Fix a Unclickable Taskbar

If your Taskbar is present, but you can’t click on any of the icons, this may require you to resort to some desperate measures to fix the issue. To get started, open up a Command Prompt with administrator credentials that have been demonstrated above. Then, input this string into the window that you’re presented with exactly like it is written:

Get-AppxPackage | Remove-AppxPackage
Get-AppxProvisionedPackage -Online | Remove-AppxProvisionedPackage -online

Afterwards, restart your system and this should fix start menu and taskbar not working.

Fix 4. Remedy Auto-Hide Issues

Some users have reported that the auto-hide function can stop working in the Windows 10 Taskbar, with a very little indication given as to what the problem is. There are a couple of ways that you can solve the problem for yourself. You can restart the Windows Explorer and if that does not seem to work it would be just as easy to perform the following:

One of the most common causes of the Taskbar failing to retract automatically is an app which placed in a state that requires the attention of the user. It isn’t obvious when the application behaves this way.

Cycle through the apps that you have open and make sure that there aren’t any error messages or other similar pop-ups that might be the cause of such complications.

Fix 5. Download Windows 10 Drivers to Resolve Taskbar Not Working in Windows 10


In many cases, there are outdated or incompatible device drivers present in your system. Many Windows 10 taskbar issues can also occur, like Windows 10 taskbar not working or not responding. You could use Driver Easy or Driver Talent, the professional Windows drivers download and update utility, to instantly download the proper Windows 10 drivers for your computer to solve the taskbar problem.


These will not only identify your outdated drivers but will facilitate ways in which you can easily replace and update these drivers.


In conclusion, these solutions Windows 10 Taskbar not working problem are thoroughly effective. If you can religiously follow the steps you might be able to escape the ultimate solution of reinstalling the Windows 10 Operating System. Here’s hoping that these were helpful.


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