KIITFEST 2018 or KIITFEST 2017 Again ?


KIITFEST is one of the premier  college festival in  Eastern India, and  probably the biggest college fest of Bhubaneswar,Odisha. The KIITFEST hosted by the KSAC (Student Activity Center) of KIIT University. The KIITFEST witnessed a number of BollyWood Celebrity and popular artist of the India every year. The craze of the festival among the Kiitians (student of KIIT University) is very high.

kiitfest 2017-2018
A glimpse of KIITFEST 2017

Popular Events of KIITFEST:

  •  Celebrity Star Night.
  • Fun Games / social Events.
  • DJ Night.
  • Fashion Show.
  • Tech Events.

But  nowadays, the most debating topic around the campus is,  Really The KIITFEST gonna happen in this December only ? Well , the official season of KIITFEST is February or March of Every year. Even in this year all enjoyed the fest  even in a rainy days of march. So, Why again KSAC want to organize the fest in the end of this year Only ?

KIITFEST welcomes Miss Diva - 2015, Miss Rautela to grace its stage. #kiitfest
Ankit Tiwari at KIITFEST 2017

Maybe  this is the Question of many KIITIAN. But the answer is not available till now. But we followed some activities , like the post of  official “KIITFEST” page mentioned “WE ARE BACK” in a post in Facebook.

Well, We did a Survey on this, by simply asking HOW MANY OF  WANT “KIITFEST 2018” OR “KIITFEST 2017 version 2”? (we named it version 2 as KIITFEST 2017 already happened this year only).

And the maximum reaction of the KIITIANS was for “KIITFEST 2018” only. Cause No body want to feel the same thing twice in a short interval. And when it is KIIT University, the fest is a regular thing. KIIT have many society based on different curricular and activities, and every Society almost have their Own fest in a year.


And if KIITFEST is  going to happen again  this year, then when it will be?  Obviously not possible in November, so we can say it gonna happen in December only .  In December most of the KIITIANS leave campus  earlier for winter vacation. So is it the right time for a grand fest ?

As it is not confirm till now, so we are unable to comment on this Question. The Time will tell us everything. And @aapKIIT is a wonderful platform, where you can get the  Fast updates, information , tips,tricks, fun, entertainment everything on real time basis of your own university. If you don’t know, we are the only blog which covered the whole KIITFEST 2017, event updates online with a massive response from all.

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kiitfest 2017-2018

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