If we pay some attention in our daily routine activities, we will find many examples of practice makes a man perfect. Nature itself is perfection in its various forms. Man including other living beings has to strive hard in order to attain livelihood. Man has to practice regularly in order to learn anything perfectly. Man himself has to set goals and then practice accordingly to be successful in life. In order to practice regularly, one needs to have lots of patience, dedication and will power.  In order to practice certain activities, man has to concentrate his mind, soul and body at one place uniformly to achieve certain requirements more smoothly and satisfactorily.

Without firm determination, no one can successfully involve in the regular practice. Hopeless people can never do practice as they easily lose their patience before getting the proper result. In order to continue the practice, one needs to have hope, patience, faith, and confidence with positive thinking. If we put our sight at the history, we see that there was Eklavya who was denied by the Droncharya to teach the art of archery however; his resolute determination helped him and he learned the art of archery very well after years of practice in front of his master’s idol.

Practice is like an exercise and mantra for us which brings our physical and mental entities together in one path  and leads us towards perfection, slowly but surely. Practicing continuously with faith creates a cohesive force which connects the physical and mental entities together to work at required frequency. Anyone can achieve his/her goal slowly but definitely if he/she go with the planned practice. Ambitious people do hard practices to see their ambitions fulfilled but never suppose to defeat. Practice is the best tool which we can use to sharpen our abilities and capabilities beyond our capacities in the pursuit of goal. Practice is the best friend which leads us towards success and make the knowledge remain with us.

It helps people to awaken their lethargic potential by inducing confidence level. It calms our mind and gives happiness as practicing anything is like a meditation. We can achieve anything and reach to the unreachable heights in our life through practice. It prepares us to go in right direction and sharpen our abilities to face challenges and win. Practice is the continuous activity which enhances the will power and encourages us to run to the goal with strong perfection.

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