Problems That Every Hosteler Faces


Hello, KIITians. Hope you all are having a great time at your place. Must be having a lot of homemade food, unlimited sleep, stress-free life and a lot of bashing and lectures from your parents.  All your problems have a solution when you are at your home. But, there are some very generic problems that every hosteler faces be it a she or a he. So without wasting a lot of time, let’s start busting the facts.

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1. Hunger issues:

This problem is the pinnacle of all problems thanks to delicious food served in our hostel mess( sarcasm 😛 ). A lot of food chains might be available near you, but money is a constraint. Unavailability of food makes our brain, less productive and our mind revolves around the fact that we are hungry and we are gonna die if we don’t get to eat as soon as possible. Thanks to the mid-night delivery chains who robs us by exploiting our affinity towards oily, greasy, and full of fat junks. Late night hunger is one of the main culprits for a hanging belly.

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2.Clothing issues:

This won’t be a very big problem for guys but it is certainly a matter of uttermost importance for girls. Irrespective of an airtight wardrobe, they still can’t find anything to wear as their female chauvinist ego doesn’t allow them to wear them the same cloth twice a week ( all the female readers don’t get offended ). This thing happens with some guys as well. They don’t want any tarnish on their cool dude, hunk personality. Gone are the days when guys used to roam in pajamas. Skin tight jeans, fitting shirts and loafers are the new trend.

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3.Sleeping issues:

Generally, people sleep at night and do their respective works in the day.  But this doesn’t go the same with hostel boarders. There is a huge problem, which is when to sleep? and how long to sleep?This is partially due to our friends who don’t allow us to sleep or due to the couch potato in each and every one of us.

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4. Studying issues:

Let’s face it guys. 99% of the people start studying 15 days or a week before examinations. A lot of credit goes to the environment in our hostels. One of reason could also be lack of fear which we used to have when we lived with our parents. This last week preparation leads to an underrated performance in exams.

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5. Relationship issues:

You must have encountered with someone, who has a very sad life due to relationship problems. That person with his sadness drags you with him and even you start to feel morose with him. His fights and quarrels start making you frustrated and this thing pops into your head that you were better off with your family.

So, that’s it for today’s article. Tell us about the problems you have faced during your time in the hostel. Do share with your friends if you find this content relatable.

A creative Writing by @UTKARSH_BHARDWAJ

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