Some Very Common Rantings of KIITians

Some common rantings of all the KIITians that you can actually relate to.


Hey, KIITians. Hope everyone is doing great. Today we are going to talk about some very common rantings of all KIITians that you all can also relate to. We are also sure that anyone reading this and is from KIIT must also have at least made one of these rantings. So without wasting much time, let’s start busting the facts.



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This is one of the very common rantings among all the Lovable KIITians. This never-ending war between food staffs and hostelers is at its peak and none of them are willing to take a step back. While the people in the mess have made up their mind that they are not going to cook delicious home like food, the students have made up their mind that they can’t expect good food from the hostel mess. Thanks to the ever-growing food chains in KIIT road and all-night delivery chains, our KIITians could have a filled stomach.



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A lot of people get debarred due to a syndrome which keeps them stick to their bed until the attendance is below 65%. That syndrome is popularly known as BUNK. Students never cease to grab even a small opportunity t bunk classes. “ It’s raining bro, I will fall ill, even though I have an umbrella, even though I have a raincoat”, oh come on bro you could directly say that you don’t want to attend classes. A lot of people give the entire credit for not attending classes to the faculties. They end up saying,  “ Yaar I couldn’t understand anything in the class, I will study in my room “. No bro what you will do is sleep and sleep…….



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Trust me when I say this. You can also see a person studying, who might not have issued his/her semester books from the library, on a night before the exam. That’s the amount of fear exam creates and people give it the name of Stress and Time management. Well Said :P. You could hear a lot of students saying, “Bro, We appeared for the mid-semester exam just a month back, and now we have to prepare for the end-semester exam”. Honestly, If you are given even a year gap between mid-semester and end-semester you all would probably end up saying the same thing. We are never satisfied, aren’t we?



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See, this may be a controversial topic so we won’t be talking a lot about it. But, this surely a rant of every 7 out of 10 guys. We all just want to say, The more you wait the better you get. ( Stop dreaming about all the actresses you wanted to date 😛 .)

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So that’s all for this article.We hope that you enjoyed it. Do tell us about the other rants that we missed and do not forget to share this with all the LOVABLE KIITians.


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