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@aapKIIT welcome to this portal. If you are using this portal , then you should go through the below mentioned “terms of use” of the site.

  1. @aapkiit is not responsible for any kind misunderstanding by “you”of the posts published in the site, If you are not able to understand the proper meaning kindly leave the site.
  2. @aapkiit never post any  hatespeech, hate contents and all and @aapkiit request its user to not post any hatespeech in any comment section and all.
  3. @aapKIIT never post anything intentionally by targeting a specific group, cast,relegion or country, if somehow it matches with any thing then @aapKIIT is not responsible for that.
  4. @aapKIIT site is specially for the students of KIIT University, Bhubaneswar-751024,  who are known as KIITIAN also.
  5. @aapKIIT is not responsible for sharing any content found on Internet, @aapkiit directly mentioned “Source: internet” in its posts, so if you found anything wrong  in any post you can better search the internet, @aapkiit is not responsible for that posts where it is mentioned.
  6. @aapKIIT  created contents which are funny, humorous are only for the people  who are able to understand this, if you are not able to understand , kindly don’t create caos, you can leave the site.
  7. @aapKIIT reserved the copyright of all the contents, graphics designed by @aapkiit team, here by using @aapkIITs content in any social page,site, blog, by using their own name is illegal.
  8. If you are a part of @aapKIIT, we expect a lovely behaviour from you with the other users and the authority, any kind of misbehaviour will lead to “Ban” you from the site and page both.
  9. The site only may ask your “Email-adress” for Email-subscription, for sending you the latest updates.

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