The end of the semester ….

end of end semester

A lot of faculty go a little or more crazy at the end of the semester. Sure, everyone understands the pressures students are under, but non-academic-types might be surprised by the extent to which faculty are stressed at this time of year. Everything is due and then there’s all that grading.

Actually, it surprises me how so many chapters and work teachers seem to leave until the bitter end of the term.

Tangent/reflection on the semester : Overall, the class turned out pretty good and in some interesting ways.

Students were also a lot less of a “hard ass” in the class for some reason, and I can’t really say why. Part of it was because students have to attend a lot of classes  and work load on them is also very high.Generally,teachers get the worse student evaluations for teaching and I think that’s pretty common for everyone who teaches in universities.

In  classes , Teachers usually have a final/quiz/vivas to keep everything transparent.  Teachers typically make some kind of quiz/writing assignment due at the last class meeting, collect their reports, read and comment on the grade they get in.

Kisi tarah mid sem paar hota hai ki tabhi news aati hai ki prepare karo END SEM is coimngggg…..

Students hates writing papers as much as college instructors hate grading papers (and no, having a robot do it is not the answer). Students of the world: You think it wastes 180 minutes of your chatting time to pluck out three quotes from The Sun Also Rises, summarize the same four plot points 50 times until you hit 4-5 pages, and then crap out a two-sentence conclusion? It wastes 15 hours of my time to mark up so much of   theses and not to mention abuse of the diagrams that should be punishable by some sort of law—

and this:

Mom, friends, educators, students: Papers should not be assigned, and it should stop(laughs). We need to admit that the some of the courses in college is not required. As such, students (and their parents) view college as professional training, an unpleasant necessity to route to that all-important “piece of paper.” Today’s vocationally minded students view studies as forced labor, an utter waste of their time that deserves neither engagement nor effort.

Read the rest of it if you want more of this kind of thing, a lot of hate on students, a lot of hate on the work, etc., etc.

First off, this is what I mean about how a lot of faculty go a little crazy at the end of the semester.But when the end is here/near and people (especially part-timers teaching too many classes at too many different places) are staring at a big stack of papers that represent all they have and haven’t accomplished as a teacher this semester and that stack is all that is between them and their meager holiday vacation, well, sometimes people lose their shit and throw open the window and shout at the world “fuck all of this!!!” 

So in that sense, I feel their pain but it is just part of the job.I’d especially recommend the timer because if you’re spending more time on smaller chapters …you’re spending too much time, unless you have pre planned schedule on how to manage the rest of the course.


Okay, on to finish my semester…..

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